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Vegan Mexican Restaurants




Vegan Mexican restaurant serving authentic dishes such as Flautas, Enchilidas, Elote, Horchata and more. Protein options include soy, mushroom, hibiscus and cactus.

Boombox Taco

Vegan Options

Mexican food truck offering vegan chorizo tacos. Their vegan options are cooked in vegetable oil. Confirmed June 2018.

El Tiempo Cantina

Vegan Options

Casero rice, black beans and corn tortillas are vegan. Flour tortillas contain dehydrated milk. The grilled vegetable fajitas are cooked in olive oil. Confirmed 08/2016.

Tacos A Go Go

Vegan Options

Verde tacos without cream sauce! Black beans, Mexican rice and corn tortillas are vegan. Lots of sauce options and they cook with vegetable oil. Confirmed 08/2016.



Fully vegan, Mexican restaurant serving traditional dishes such as taco platters, tortas and quesadillas. Desserts and a full bar available


Vegan Options

Mexican/Korean food truck offering a vegan option, the Korean Tofu BBQ Tacos. Corn tortillas must be specified when ordering. Confirmed June 2018.

Fajitas A Go Go

Vegan Options

Grilled veggie fajitas! They use a shared grill but the veggies sit in an iron pan and never touch the grill. Their black beans, rice and tortillas are vegan and they use olive oil on the veggies. Confirmed 08/2017.

Torchy's Tacos

Vegan Options

Customize your taco to make a vegan option. Black beans, pickled onions, guac and more. Ask for corn tortillas and request no margarine on the grill. Confirmed 08/2016. View all vegan options.



Authentic Mexican Vegan restaurant serving tacos, tortas, pozole and more!

El Rey Taqueria

Vegan Options

Traditional Cuban and Mexican restaurant. Veggie tacos, guac and cantaloupe juice...need I say more? The black and refried beans are vegan. Don't forget to substitute white rice because the Mexican rice contains chicken.


Vegan Options

Fancy, authentic Mexican restaurant with vegan items labeled on the menu. Some choices include Veggie tacos and Chiles Rellenos.


Vegan Options

Build your own burrito restaurant offering many vegan options including a vegan picadillo. Click here for a list of their allergen information.

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